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National Parks on the North Island

When travelling to New Zealand, national parks are somewhere you can't miss. There are totally 13 national parks in New Zealand, which cover more than 30,000 square kilometres of natural heritage, forest, wildlife and landscapes. And here is an introduction to the 3 national parks you will find in North Island.

Egmont National Park

Egmont national park/ Elements Adventures

Egmont national park, located on the western coast of North Island, is one of the most accessible wilderness areas in New Zealand. The volcano Taranaki (Mt Egmont) is a dormant one instead of extinct, which makes it New Zealand's most climbed mountain. The walking track network here is extensive, ranging from a 15 minute short walk to a 4-5 days walk around the Mountain Circuit. Apart form the walks, you may try to climb to the summit, or even ski on the mountain's eastern slopes.

Tongariro National Park

Tongariro national park/ Elements Adventures

Tongariro national park, consist of 3 very much alive volcanoes, was a gift from Maori chief to the nation. Being a dual World Heritage area, the park offers some of the New Zealand's most contrasting landscapes. The most popular walk here is the Tongariro Alpine Crossing completed by about 70,000 hikers every summer. Apart form this, the park also offers short walks to waterfalls or some 4-6 days long walks around the mountain. You could find one of the New Zealand's Great Walks Round the Mountain track here, too.

Whanganui National Park

Whanganui national park/ Elements Adventures

Whanganui national park, located in the central of North Island, was created to protect the Whanganui River, the longest navigable waterway in New Zealand. Whanganui is a paradise for bird watchers, where you can find a wide range of bird species here. Apart from bird sighting, you may also want to go on jet boating from the ends of the Whanganui River into the hear of the park, which will definitely be the highlight of your trip. Same as the other parks, Whanganui national park also provides a wide range of walks for people with all kinds of fitness level.


These are the national parks you will find in north island, which are really worth going. So, have a good day there. And don't forget to leave a comment below!

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